Fact Sheets and Manuals

Cost estimate for low cost sanitation options

Cost of an Arboloo

This factsheet provides cost  information of an arboloo made of local materials

Cost of a Fossa Alterna

This factsheet provides cost informotion of a Fossa Alterna made of local materials

Arboloo and Fossa Alterna

This factsheet provides the construction guidelines of how to construct a Fossa Altern and Arboo loo toilets. Read more

Emptying guide for Fossa Alterna

This factsheet provides step by step guidelines for empting a fossa alterna toilet and suggests the necessary safety percautions to consider while handing the composit.  Read more

Shifting an Arboloo:

The fact sheet describes the steps to follow while shifting a an Arbo loo. Read More

Emptying A UDDT

The fact sheet decribes the steps to follow while shifting a UDDT. Read more

Operation and maintenance

This factsheet describes the ideal maintenance practices for both the  Arbo loo and the Fossa Alterna. download

Field guide for school health clubs

This is a guide for NGOs, teachers, health assistants, community development officers (CDOs) and extension workers in education and health who would like to establish or strengthen a School Health Club (SHC). It states the background of the guide, definition of a School Health Club, objectives, composition and formation, sub themes, roles and responsibilities of such a club, follow up and monitoring activities, approaches that can be used by a SHC and action planning.


 Reference document on roles and responsibilities of stakeholders

This document provides a summary of the roles and responsibilities of district and Sub-County technocrats and extension workers for the promotion of sanitation and hygiene in Northern Uganda.