Sub County Session Newsletter

Sub county Newsletters are summary reports of the sub county sessions' proceedings with stakeholders from Sub-county, parish, school representatives and village level. These pages contain the sub-county newsletter for the three intervention districts of Gulu, Kitugum, and Pader.

Kitigum Matidi Sub County

Kitigum Matidi Sub county 2

Akwanga Sub County

Akwanga sub county session 4

Akwanga sub county session 3

Akwanga Sub county session 2

Akwang Sub county session 1


Lakwana Sub-County


Bungatira Sub County

Bungatira Sub County 3

Bungatira sub county session 2

 Bungatira Sub County Session #1 May 2010



Adilanga Sub county

Adilang Sub County session 4

Adilang subcounty session 3

Adilang Sub session 2

Adilang Sub County Session #1 22nd April 20ta10


Atanga Sub County