Learning Agenda

Learning required a structured methodology that units the interests of all parties but also streamlines concepts and approaches to achieve the required change and the value addition of learning.
DWA alliance in this view to promote learning for innovation has developed national and regional learning agenda that will guide the learning events for 2012 and 2013.   

National and regional learning agenda

On the 10th to 11 May 2012, the DWA organised a workshop to develop a national and regional learning agenda. 

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District specific Leaning agenda

Lamwo District

DISTRICT WASH VISION Lamwo district WASH vision

A community with improved sustained access to WASH facilities with good coordination in Lamwo District

learning agenda                     

  1. How to strengthen Coordination among the key stakeholders at the different levels                  
  2. Address aspects of Operations and Maintenance of WASH facilities                      
  3. Strengthen Village savings and loans Associations related to WASH


Agago District

DISTRICT WASH VISION Agago district WASH vision

A model Agago District Local Government with an Excellent WASH management system

Learning agenda for 2012-2013                    

  1.  Adopt and upscale other sanitation technology options at the household levels         
  2.  Strengthen operations and maintenance of WASH facilities         
  3. Strengthen sharing and flow of information among key stakeholders