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Northern region reflection meeting on sustainable targets towards scaling up WASH intervention to meet 2015 MDGs

posted Jul 14, 2014, 6:28 AM by Netwas Uganda

The 2013 Sector Performance report indicates that the high percentage (>50%) of schemes not collecting fees for the water service provided is in the eastern and northern regions of Uganda. It is further noted that out of the regional water and sanitation umbrella organizations the Northern Umbrella of water and sanitation has the least registered members (39). The demand for consorted efforts to meet the water, sanitation and hygiene targets for Northern Uganda is key especially with regard to the task of recuperating the region which is in a transitional state emerging from conflict.

From the last 2 learning forums (2012 & 2013) conducted the lacuna of in implementation and consolidating the efforts into valuable outputs have emerged as key concerns in Northern Uganda, both in the Lango and Acoli sub-regions.

The 3rd Northern Region Learning Forum aims to take stock of achievemsnts from the previous learnings discuss on ongoing good governance interventions and agree on common strategies and targets, aimed at consolidating efforts Beyond 2015 in Lango and Acholi sub-regions. The first Northern Regional Learning forum (NRLF) focused on ensuring operation and maintenance of  water facilities, while the 2nd O&M as well sustainability with good governance strategies, so as to consolidate efforts in promoting WASH in the region. This will all be supplemented with a deliberate effort to strengthen the WASH alliance in the region, ensuring it has the potential to to pool efforts and meet WASH targets that augment efforts already made in ensuring effective WASH service delivery in the region..

The subthemes will entail:

• Assessing progress made in line with previous learning efforts

• Scaling up good governance Best Practices to boost interventions in both the Lango and Acoli Sub region

• Forging a stronger WASH Alliance in Northern Uganda

These will be presented by representatives drawn from the 15 districts that constitute the Ministry of Water Environment’s Technical Support Unit (TSU 2) in collaboration with UWASNET and International, national and local NGOs with interest in spearhead WASH initiative in the northern region.

2.0 Purpose of 3rd NRLF

The main focus for the 3rd WASH Alliance and scaling up of best practices from the learning efforts

3.0 Objectives of the 3rd NRLF

- To take stock of actions from previous learning efforts

- To share practical approaches for scaling up good governance best practices in the northern

- To form strategies for strengthening the Northern WASH alliance Forum on sustainability. The third NRLF will focus on boosting both NRLF is for the region to recast its strategies in terms of strengthening the region