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What makes sanitation and hygiene happen? 19th-20th Aug 2014 Workshop

posted Jun 6, 2014, 4:07 AM by Netwas Uganda   [ updated Jul 14, 2014, 6:03 AM ]
Increasing access to sustainable and functional sanitation and hygiene facilities in sub-Saharan Africa makes novel demands on effective policies and governance arrangements that focus on integration and coordination of multi-level actors and their various activities. Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in collaboration with local partners in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania are examining sanitation and hygiene governance at national, sub-national, and local (including households) levels in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania within the project:  Multi-level sanitation policy and practice. As part of the project activities, a two-day regional meeting is planned for 19th and 20th August in Kampala, Uganda to inform about the project and share research findings on the following:

• Comparative assessment of sanitation and hygiene policy and governance arrangements in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

• Household investment in sanitation, gender division of sanitation and hygiene related labour at the household level, and household perceptions of the role of different actors.

This regional meeting will consist of a workshop (Day 1) and a write-shop (Day 2). The event will bring together sanitation and hygiene experts and decision-makers operating at different levels of society and playing different roles in the sector in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, to share experiences on factors and strategies that make sanitation happen in the various countries.

The meeting is organized by Water Aid in partnership with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Network for Water and Sanitation - Uganda (NETWAS- U).