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Danida WASH Governance

The objectives of the project are to:
    1. To build capacities among the town council decision-makers, NGOS and water service providers understand and apply social accountability, communication and transparency concepts and mechanisms to improve governance and become more responsive in water service provision in urban areas
    2.Support local stakeholders in designing and implementing effective communications mechanisms to promote a permanent, sustainable and constructive way of providing feedback from users to providers as well as informing users about service provision.
    3. Awareness raised and capacity of stakeholders enhanced in the application and use of community score cards to improve local service delivery and become more responsive in planning and service delivery in target Town council and district
    4.To enhance the capacities of local communities in the Town councils (including Water Users Groups, vendors, Women and youth Groups, and CBOs to become more vocal demanding for WASH services and to take–up their roles as active and responsible WASH consumers
    5.To enhance the capacities of local NGOs in the targeted regions in social accountability concepts, tools and practices for the long-term sustainability of social accountability initiatives in Uganda.
NETWAS will work with five local partners to achieve these objects: