Community Enpowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD)

The Community Water and Sanitation governance project is aimed at promoting effective water and sanitation governance and accountability for sustainable service provision at District and sub county level in 2 districts of Nebbi and Zombo in West Nile.
The project will enhance responsive WASH planning, effective multi – stakeholders learning platforms and improved harmonisation and coordination of approaches, practices and monitoring through District Water and Sanitation Coordination Committees (DWSCC) and Sub County Water and Sanitation Coordination Committees (SWSCC) . These will contribute to effective service delivery in the sub sector hence improved health of the communities.

The existing governance structures that are established at the district and sub county levels, will be used during the implementation. Specific action research will be carried out with the WASH stakeholders to test practical solutions for improved service delivery and use of ICT in WASH. Sustainability of the project will be ensured through building of multi-sectoral teams, to allow adaptation of best practices for continuity of activities and commitment to continuous monitoring and regular evaluation of interventions over time, which have been included in the design. The project will target a cross section of stakeholders at district and Sub County levels including Councillors, Technocrats, Local CSOs, NGOs, Private sector and media who will be directly targeted by the project while service committees like Water Source and Sanitation Committees, School committees, Health Committees, other CBOs in targeted sub counties and vulnerable groups will be indirect beneficiaries of the project.

Variety of methodologies applied during the implementation will include mapping WASH situations to ascertain the situation in these target areas and visioning at district and sub county level, dialogues and specific capacity building sessions will be conducted at the district, Sub County and community levels and action research documented and disseminated to strengthen the capacity of target beneficiaries. Community WASH assessment, documenting and sharing of best practices on WASH so that they can be replicated especially by other districts in the region will be a key focus to enhance learning and ICT for WASH governance will also be piloted to enable WASH consumers to become more vocal, demand for WASH services and to take-up their roles as active and responsible WASH citizens.


The two and half year project will cover four sub counties in Nebbi and Zombo districts in West Nile region. The total budget for the project is UGX. 75.000.000 (seventy five million shillings only).   


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