CIDI project

CIDI  is focusing on two projects which are; WASH Community Action Project (WACAP) to be implemented in Kibuye I Parish in Makindye Division, Kampala District by Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI), with a total budget of 120,000,000 Uganda Shillings (One hundred twenty million shillings) and the project is to run from July 2011to December, 2013. Another is Community Empowerment for WASH in Amuria (CEWA) to be  implemented in Acawo Sub-county, Amuria district with a budget of 89,286,000 (Eight nine million,two hundred eighty thousand shillings).

WACAP project  directly benefits an average of  3,200 marginalized urban poor in the informal settlements of Kibuye I Parish out of these, 50% will be women, 40% men and 10% school children while CEWA benefits 30,000 marginalized rural poor in Acowa sub county out of which 50% are women, 15% men and 35% school children.

The key methods that will be employed in implementation of this project consist of; Rooted advocacy, Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation, Community mapping, Dialogues, Community Score Cards, Documenting and dissemination of community voices and Campaigns.


The project activities include; Inception/consultative meeting, Enumeration Exercise, Production of a Citizen’s Report Card, Water quality testing and analysis, Dissemination of the enumeration exercise/Launch of Citizen’s Report Card and findings from the water quality testing exercise, Capacity Building training sessions, Exposure Visits, Development of IEC materials, Generation of WASH advocacy issues, Training of CIDI project staff and selected community structures in use of Score Cards and household listings, Dialogues at various levels, Radio programs, Participation in national WASH related events, Production of Community voices magazines and Media Campaigns for emergency advocacy issues that need attention or facilitation.


At the climax of this project, awareness and understanding of WASH situation shall be created amongst the urban and rural poor specifically in the informal settlements of Kibuye I parish and Acowa sub county in Amuria district. Capacity of CIDI staffs and the communities shall be built in the areas of sector policies and rights as well ensuring that the voices of the urban poor are heard through the created policy space and platforms.