Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT)

Katosi Women Development Trust will focus improving water governance through improved community collaboration in Mpunge, Mpata, Nakisunga and Ntenjeru Sub Counties of Mukono district. 

Objectives of the project

The overall objective is to improve water governance through improved community collaboration

Specific Objectives:

  • Equip women with knowledge and skills in good governance through trainings.
  • Enable local communities participate in decision making at the local level through refresher trainings for advocacy committees and facilitating them to attend meetings at the sub county level.
  • Facilitating communication, and collaboration between local communities and the local government through community dialogues.
  • Ensuring functionality of water sources through training for water user committees and exchange visits between the committees.



ü  A memorandum of understanding will be made between KWDT and the 4 sub counties where the project is to be implemented. The project is an opportunity for KWDT and the local government in Mukono (the sub counties where the project is going to be implemented), to establish a formal working relationship.

ü  Shared learning between the water user committees of the public water points constructed by the local government and those constructed by KWDT through exchange and learning visits. 

ü  Community dialogues will be held in the 13 communities. Platforms where communities’ concerning WASH issues will be raised so as to identify and summarise existing gaps in WASH governance, and calling to action of the key players in the area.

Expected results

1.      Improved networking, collaboration and awareness of roles between the local government and the communities.

  1. Improved functionality of water user committees for all water sources constructed by both the local government and by KWDT.
  2. Improved functionality of water sources as a result of the functionality and good performance of the water user committees.

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