National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE)

Advocating for Rights to Water and Sanitation in Uganda

NAPE from August 2011 to December 2013 will implement a project whose focus will be to advocate for rights to water and sanitation in Uganda. Advocacy for community rights to water and sanitation will target policy makers at both district and national level. The project will involve documenting issues related to water and sanitation both at community, district and national levels, build capacity of the targeted locals to engage on the documented issues and organize engagements with policy makers and other key stakeholders on issues related to community rights to water and sanitation such as the Association of private Water Operators(APO),the rain water harvesting association, national water and sewerage corporation and the ministry of water and environment . The basis of the engagements will be to create discussion and action points on issues such as “water safety, water adequacy, water affordability and water accessibility”. Information on issues related to rights to water and sanitation will be collected from both an urban and rural community i.e. Mukono municipality and the Dry cattle corridor of Luwero.

At the end of the project, success will be measured by the extent to which the project has contributed to its broad goal i.e. “advocating for increased access to adequate, clean and safe drinking water and good sanitation for all” and specific objectives i.e.

·         Documenting rights based issues related to water and sanitation in Uganda using 2 case studies (mukono and Luwero)

·         Influencing government and other stake holders at national level to recognize water and sanitation as a fundamental human right.