Fact Sheets

Investing effectively in Technologies 

Technology introduction has been associated with the level of adoption and success of scale up of a technology. To large extent the current sector challenges especially non functionality due break down is a consequence of the same. The WASHTech project is developing a technology assessment framework to support decision making that will facilitate effective investment in new technologies. Read more 

Introducing a Technology Assessment Framework in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Uganda

In many countries, a range of water and sanitation technologies are piloted. Some work well and go to scale, while others break down or do not deliver the services they were intended to provide. While technologies, and their proper use and maintenance, are crucial for sustainable service delivery, there are very few standards for assessment of technology performance and introduction. WASHTech is a collaborative initiative that seeks to develop a simple participatory tool to assess technologies in a given context. The 3-year project is being implemented in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Uganda, with the active participation of national and local governments, academic institutions, private sector enterprises, water and sanitation development agencies and donors. Representatives from each of these groups are part of WASHTech’s in-country research teams tasked to test the Technology Assessment Framework (TAF).

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