Research Materials

Baseline study on the stakeholder Knowledge, Attitudes and practice.

The report investigates the circumstances and procedures around which certain water and sanitation technologies were introduced in Uganda. The more in-depth study is for the Indian Mark 2 pump/ U2 pump, the rope pump, the Ecosan urine diversion toilet, the ferrocement tank, the plastic tank and the tippy tap.


Technology review

Uganda Technology Review study was conducted mainly to select and analyze five examples of a specific WASH technology that have been tried out in Uganda, and  this will ultimately be used in the process of constructing the Technology Assessment Framework (TAF) which is the main project deliverable. Each of the technologies chosen fall into one of three WASH functional types-Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hand-washing for Hygiene .


The five technology examples chosen  also fall into each of the following categories based on development outcomes:

1.     Successful- meets real need, in an appropriate way (socially acceptable, financially affordable, environmentally appropriate, Technically sustainable), tolerated or accepted by government, there is a clear provider (buyer user relationship), well established and reached scale in a local region/ district.

2.     Promising- meets real needs, is appropriate (Socially acceptable, financially Affordable, Environmentally appropriate and technically sustainable), questionable on support or tolerated by government, not so clear on provider/ buyer relationship, not so clear on whether it has gone to scale.

3.     Failed- Not clear whether  it meets needs, in appropriate way (SFET), Not  clear on support by government or tolerated, not clear buyer/ provider relationship, not gone to scale, 
4.  New- meets needs, is appropriate (SFET), NOT clear with government support, no clear buyer/ provider relationship, Not gone to scale.

This report therefore presents findings of the technology review on the 5 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene technologies selected in Uganda.