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Our Values

NETWAS Uganda values fall under three main areas: Transparency, excellence and respect, elaborated as:


  •       Being truthful: providing correct and up-to- date information (facts and figures). 
  •       Reliable: Delivering on time, the exact quality and quantity, the best way feasible
  •       Accountable:  Taking responsibility to provide accurate feedback to stakeholders and clients. 


  •       Taking the lead in good performance
  •       Timely delivery of services and time consciousness
  •       Professional: Employing to the best the expertise available, aiming for skilled and specialized performance. 
  •       Ensuring that all services and goods are presented/ delivered based on the best knowledge available.


  •       Fairness:  Treat all persons with honor irrespective of gender, religion or disabilities
  •       Taking seriously the opinions and views of stakeholders at all levels from the Ministry to communities. 
  •       Leveling the playing field so all stakeholders can participate meaningfully.
  •       Promoting a culture of appreciation and accommodation among staff members:  Listening and taking seriously each contribution, involving (participation) the relevant personnel in process where their competencies are best utilized.